Anyara Hills @ Semenyih


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Welcome to Anyara Hills, where luxury meets tranquility in Semenyih's serene suburbs. With spacious freehold lots and bespoke amenities, experience modern living amidst lush landscapes just 30KM from Kuala Lumpur City Centre. Retreat to nature without compromising convenience.

Selling Price psf- RM 80, RM 100 and RM 120 psf
Price From 3.5 mil, RM 4.5 and RM 5.7 mil

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Natural Environment

Embrace tranquility amidst lush landscapes and serene lakes. Anyara Hills offers a haven for those seeking solace in the embrace of unspoiled nature.

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Private Area

Indulge in a secure, private community nestled in Semenyih's green embrace, safeguarded by vigilant security and enveloped in acres of pristine beauty.

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Wellness Facilities

Discover bespoke amenities at The Anyara Reserve, from serene yoga decks to indulgent spas, fostering wellness and fostering bonds within a harmonious community.

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Vegetables Farm

Delight in farm-fresh delicacies amidst scenic views. Savor hearty, healthy meals crafted from locally sourced ingredients, enhancing both body and soul.

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Family Closeness

Craft your multi-generational haven amidst timeless beauty. Cherish majestic views and curated habitats designed for generations to come, fostering enduring family bonds.

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Balanced Well-Being

Merge wellness with nature's bounty. Engage in farm activities, savor fresh produce, and rejuvenate in thermal baths, embracing a holistic lifestyle in Anyara Hills.

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"Home” Redefined

Experience a redefined concept of "home" where every moment is infused with the harmony of nature, the warmth of community, and the essence of timeless tranquility.

Retreat-Style Amenities

Indulge in bespoke services and meticulously crafted facilities at The Anyara Reserve Lifestyle Hub, prioritizing pleasure, play, and peace for residents, ensuring a retreat where you and your loved ones are paramount.

Spaces for Celebration, Places for Rejuvenation

The essence of The Anyara Reserve Lifestyle Hub lies in its diverse experiences. Relax with wellness rituals, unwind in spas, and celebrate bonds in intimate farm-to-table restaurants and biophilic banquet halls doubling as community spaces.

Emphasis on Experiences

Slow down and immerse yourself in tranquil spaces designed for body, mind, and soul. From morning routines on the Yoga Deck to indulgent spa experiences, cherish moments amidst infinite skies and lush greenscapes.

An Appetite for Nature

Enjoy hearty meals in modern cafés amidst the serene ambiance of nature unfolding from dawn to dusk.

Timeless Beauty & Enjoyment for Generations

Revel in majestic views and the serene pace of life, with retreat homes crafted for multi-generational living, reflecting your unique lifestyle.

Curated Habitats

Lounge in the embrace of nature's tranquility, where rustling leaves and gentle winds lull you into a dreamlike state, savoring the moments that come to life.

Wellness Integrates with Farmland

Strengthen family bonds amidst green surroundings, engaging in farming and orchard strolls, introducing the beauty of agriculture and nature to younger generations.

Farm-to-Plate Indulgences

Embrace a healthier lifestyle with hand-picked farm-fresh dishes, savored in local diners within Anyara Hills, fostering al fresco gatherings and picnics in your own garden with homegrown produce.

Master Plan

Indulge in the epitome of opulence as you create your ideal residence within a spacious, low-density setting. Expansive one-acre freehold lots offer unmatched privacy, fostering a sense of community without compromising solitude. Ideal for families and future generations, whether you envision a modern orchard house, floral garden, organic farm, or tropical retreat.

Master Plan
Retreat Land
Wide Open Spaces
& Greenery
Gated & Guarded
with Armed Guards
10 Feet Tall
Security Fencing
to KL City Centre via
New Bypass Road
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Countryside Scenery

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Pristine Landscapes

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Healthy Lifestyle in the Outdoors

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Natural Hot Springs

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Unique Event & Dining Spaces

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Farming Support Services

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Attractive Durian Rewards


Nestled in Semenyih's serene suburbs, Anyara Hills offers a tranquil escape from the bustling city life. Just 30KM from Kuala Lumpur City Centre via the new bypass road, enjoy the luxury of countryside living within a 25-minute drive. Accessible via six major expressways within Klang Valley, including ELITE, SILK, LEKAS, CKE, EKVE, and SUKE, the urban sanctuary is conveniently close to amenities yet distanced from the metropolitan hustle.


KHK Land is built with commitment towards creating meaningful and comfortable living experiences through the development of luxury residences.

Some of the past projects under the brand’s belt include high-end properties in Australia such as luxury residences, townhouses, high-rise apartments and retreats, as well as residential parks.

Their flagship project, STH BNK by Beulah is a revolutionary AU$2 billion dual skyscrapper development that’s set to be the tallest tower and vertical garden in Australia, housing the Four Seasons Hotel Melbourne, over 25,000sqm of world-class experiential retail, and more.

With a diverse portfolio ranging from property developments to
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